How to get on the mailing list

So I am making this here game and have requested wordpress to provide me with a lovely blog for documenting a few things. This will be added to as things happen so subscribe (is that how it works?) to this thread to be kept updated. I will also have a mailing list set up soon so if any of you fancy being reminded when the kickstarter comes up then for now, if subscirbing to blogs doesn’t float you boat and just want to be sent a nice simple email when time comes along then send me an email with the subject line:-

Sign me up to the AtomPunk Mailing List!


mercer.samuel {-at-}

Right, that sounds good! Hope to see some people on it. As always guys and girls, stay super cool! 🙂


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One response to “How to get on the mailing list

  1. David Heiligmann

    Signed up!
    Let me know about Bikini Atoll’s Burlesque B.A.R. and Grille. You were wanting some fiction.

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