The Grand Card List

O-M-actual-G (as a friend of mine once said),

I would like to introduce to you:

The AtomPunk Grand Card List

A sample of cardsSo thanks to the awesome 137 post long “unit suggestion” thread over at boardgame geek this has happened. It is a list of every possible card. The cards differ wildly and some require entire different game systems. But when AtomPunk is made, you can bet that nearly all the cards will originate from this awesome list. Awesome. Each card is split up into definitely / probably / maybe  catagories and is color coded to show exactly what they are and what they do and what needs changing.

What else is happening with AtomPunk?

Well, we are getting some art done. It looks…pretty cool so far – I have got a lot of stuff to say about the artwork in general but will save it to another post, prospoiler: we will do a in depth review of a single piece, showing you guys the process that we take behind the scenes in order to build it up. It normally takes about 10 emails of refinement either way along with a brief and specification and about 5 research images. – Ill show you soon 🙂

Also we are still working on the stories for AtomPunk, either to be released online or in printed form, these will be short and very short stories that build up the background and flavor of the AtomPuunk apocalyptic world, following leaders, telling yarns of fantastical caravans and exploring exciting and definitive moments of the world. But why the hell are we in this arid wasteland, and why the hell did the bombs drop? I’m not telling you that story yet …

What can you do to help?

Well, the best you can do is:

1. Read on and comment on the Great Card List, here or speak to me on BGG (Cogentesque)

2. If you know any artist people that want to help, pont them to me, hell I’ll probably pay ’em too!

3. Do you like writing stories?Well write one on any of the cards from the list, and tell me a story about it. Then send it to me!

4. Tell your friends (only the cool ones, not the lame ones if that’s cool?) Tell them about AtomPunk in general. I would suggest by saying: “Oh yeah Chris, I remember you liked games, well have you seen this picture?” *show front cover* “She’s called Jenny and would you like to see the card list?” Thats it. Then *very important* tell them they are cool, from me. Tell me you’ve done that and I will award you with a secret prize. But I can’t tell you … because it’s secret. But it kicks ass. As do you.

You kick ass.

Like a lot.

You reading this right now, pay attention to what I am going to say in the next line:

You kick ass, Rock on.



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One response to “The Grand Card List

  1. Samantha

    So the list is up! A wasteland survivor’s guide to all things AtomPunk. How many cards in total in the base set?

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