8 Facts

Atompunk Front Cover

8 things you need to know about AtomPunk

1.) AtomPunk is a cardgame that is being made by Sam Mercer.

Players work together in this co-operative game for 1-4 players that should last about 30-45 minutes.

3.) It should appeal to fans of Race for the Galaxy, Magic the Gathering, euro gaming, Fallout, post apocalyptic settings, sci fim and fans of the awesome Space Cowboy series: Firefly!

4.) It will be funded by kickstarter.com in February 2012 and end in June 2012. The money raised will pay for printing, posting, and illustrations

5.) The front cover of AtomPunk shows a retro pin-up with a cyborg arm, her name is Jenny and she is the icon for the wastelands. Loving, beautiful, caring, genuine and kind – she is a perfect dream, and she is everything that the Wasteland is not.

This is the list of the possible cards that will make up AtomPunk. My utmost thanks to the BGG community for their ideas.

7.) The backstory to the world of AtomPunk will be made available as short stories following the characters, lands and technology of AtomPunk. From how Auromine Jones’ got her cyborg eye to that time when Big Red watched a sandlion eat his truck and the entire swarm of Zapworms that were eating i t.

8.) AtomPunk takes its name from the list of * Punk settings. As you know, steampunk can be seen to be how the future was imagined in the Victorian age (steam powered mechano-men and what not). Cyberpunk is how the future would be imagined if communication technologies took over the world (Global Internet, Dystopian Hackers etc). And AtomPunk is how the future is imagined after the Atomic or the “push button” era: after the great world wars and in the run up to the cold war the bombs dropped. Not many people no why or how, but the Atomic future is a bleak place. Humanity has re-planted its seeds in the war-torn landscape; combined with high tech, low tech and new tech, the wasteland is starting to come up with … some weird things.


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