A Co-op wasteland card game

AtomPunk is a cardgame
A co-op wastelands caravan card game for 1-4 players that lasts 30-45 minutes. Race for the Galaxy Vs. Magic the Gathering with a splash of euro gaming in a dirty Fallout post apocalyptic setting.

Hit me with some sales pitch!
You control a rag-tag caravan that contains elements of how society was before the bombs dropped. Everything from road-converted steam engines to solar harvesters staffed by inviting female engineers, and it’s your job to get these guys the-hell-outta-here.
AtomPunk makes use of some inventive new puzzle-mechanics and loots the best ones from elsewhere. It steals the best bits of card interactions but dispenses with the “Spend loads of money to play with our new cards” crap – it is one game. It uses resource tokens like some of our favorite euros, but keeps them in an elegant card format. It’s core puzzle mechanic means that you WILL have to use your mind to work out the best path in this trecherous dystopian backdrop
You and your buddies are alone against the harsh wastelands. The riding is tough. Horrific mutants, shady merchants, hardened outriders, religious tech zealots and crazed robo emus. BUT on your side you have have speed, cunning, all the guns you can handle, and transformer-like laser beam trains. Aww yeah.

Wow…Is it out yet?
Not yet my friend, but subscribe to this thread (at the top of the thread under “Subject”) and I will let you know when you can pre-order a copy of AtomPunk with promo cards and cover art posters through Kickstarter.

What are the mechanics?
1. You control 5 caravan elements in a horizontal line that give each card to its left and right static bonuses. These bonuses activate special abilities on the elements. You will constantly need to be thinking about getting these in the best configuration.
2. An event deck throws everything at you from crazy cleaning robots, twisted mutants, resource giving oasis, and caravan weaponry upgrades
3. Each turn pits you in a certain land. This land card tells you what resources you need to move on to the next land. After 5 of these you will come up against the 6th and final hard-as-nails boss land which will tell you the final quest you need to complete.
4. Not only do you need to conquer these 6 lands, but each player has a secret achievement goal card that they MUST complete in order to be allowed into the winning team. Will you tell your team mates yours?

What will the cards look like?
Borderless, big, bright, horizontal and painted by some of the finest illustrators I have ever seen. Are you an illustrator? Let me know. And if you think you will fit in to the theme and meet a minimum standard, yes, yes we will use your illustrations. What’s that? “If I illustrate a piece for the cards, can I hide my name somewhere in the card art?” … go on then.

What are some of the cool cards?
Hmm.. ok Ill tell you, but only because I think you are awesome.
Cloud Burster Rockets: +1 water. +1 attack – up to 5 places to the right. Produces smoke.
Mrs. Reynolds Fixits: Engineer unit, can fix destroyed elements – must have buxom engineer card art
Screaming Wheels of Steel: Nuclear powered locomotive
Rotary harpoon cannon: Combat unit, deals 4 damage minus the range of the target to the right

Some of those cards sound great can I help?
Yes you can, and if your ideas rock, you can bloody-well win an exclusive copy too!